Hello peoples, here a blogpost about veganism.

I’ve been a vegetarian for I think approximately 5 years now. I’ve been interested in veganism for a few years now and I’ve tried it, but it didn’t work out for me at the time. First of all, because I lived/live with people who are not vegan. Therefore I had too many temptations. And I didn’t replace enough things. But now, now it’s time. I want to become vegan.


I love animals. I have a cat & a rabbit. Whenever I see them, I immediately become happy. Whenever I see a cat on the streets I start to smile. I love sheep, I think they are awesome. I love cows. I love wild animals. I think they are beautiful and whenever I see an animal I wish them the best. When I see a cat on the street I smile, but I also worry for him/her, watch out for the cars and stupid people please.

So, if I love animals so much, why do I eat stuff that is from them and harms them in the process to be placed on my plate? That is not right, right? I am not going cold turky, but the coming summer I hope to transition to a full vegan diet.

I will update you along the way :).

What are your thoughts on this topic? Are you a vegan? Have you got any tips? 


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