Vegan on Holiday.

Last week I was travelling through Europe with a friend. We had a great time, we saw so many beautiful things and had great experiences. A week before going I decided to become a vegan, so I was hoping that it would turn out fine on holiday. And it did :). Let me tell you what I ate on holiday! 

#1 – Amsterdam to Berlin

We spend approximately 6,5 hours in the train and I had brought my own lunch and snacks. I had made some American pancakes the day before and had bread with a vegan spread on it.

In the evening we walked to the Brandenburger Tor and on our way back we came across a kind of snackbar with shoarma and things. We took a look and they had falafel! So I ate falafel, fries and they even had hummus! So that was a great meal.

#2 – Berlin to Prague

As breakfast I ate some pancakes I still had and on the station I bought a vegan sandwich at a little shop. I saw their sandwiches and spotted one vegan one. It was not that good, but it was at least vegan. When we arrived at Prague we went into a supermarket and I bought some ricecrackers and orange juice.

In the evening we ate at our hostel. They had pita bread with hummus and some fries.

#3 – Prague

We went to a supermarket for breakfast and I bought some bread that I ate with nothing on it, I hadn’t spotted hummus or something like that. I also bought some pineapplejuice.

As lunch I also ate some bread and I also had some snacks still from home. We had some icecream as well, I had found an icecream place where they sold vegan icecream as well. I had raspberry, lemon and chocolate and it was delicious.

For dinner we went to a great place: Globe – it is inside an English bookstore. I ate the falafelwrap and asked to leave the tzatziki out. We were so hungry that before the main course we took some guacamole with tortillachips – delicious.

#4 – Prague to Budapest

Again I bought some bread for breakfast and lunch, but also some chocolate soya yoghurt which the supermarket had. I also had some grapefruitjuice.

In Budapest we spend the afternoon walking and popped into a supermarket to buy some salad, corn, olives, avocado, bread and …. hummus! We ate outside our selfmade salad and the hummus was delicious.

#5 – Budapest

For breakfast I ate bread with hummus and the rest of the day we spend at a Budapest bath. We had bought some more bread and I had bought also some vegan chocolate yoghurt made of ricemilk, so that was great. We ate pizza as dinner and I had ordered a pizza with vegetables without the cheese – it was fine.

#6 – Budapest to Vienna

I ate some bread with hummus I think and maybe a soya yoghurt again.

As lunch I had some bread as well. In the evening we went to a vegan burger place! It is called Swing Kitchen and here is a review about the place! I had a burger with vegan schnitzel and as dessert a vegan cheesecake and it was the best.

#7 – Vienna

Today we went to Schönbrunn and I had some bread and cookies and soya yoghurt throughout the day. For dinner we bought some pasta and a can of beans and we cooked ourselves in the hostel, which had a kitchen.

#8 – Vienna

This day I had some bread again and as lunch bread with guacamole which I had bought in a supermarket – delicious. For dinner we went to Vapiano and I had a vegan garlic pasta and it was all right.

#9 – Vienna to Amsterdam

This day I had bread with hummus as breakfast and lunch. And for dinner I had bought a sandwich at Starbucks which had hummus and carrot and some more on it. It was quite nice.

That was my vegan holiday peeps! Have you got smart suggestions about eating vegan while travelling?


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