Tips for a more zero-waste holiday.

Travelling zero-waste is not extremely more difficult, the thing is: you need to plan ahead and take some stuff with you. I travelled for 9 days around Europe and I should have planned this a little better, so learn from my mistakes! 

What did I take with me?

  • A reusable coffeecup – I have one from the brand Bodum and I like it very much. It stays hot quite some time. It is not leak-proof, so you need to watch out a bit though.
  • A tote bag – I had gotten one for free a few years ago and it still comes in handy. When we bought groceries we did not have to buy a plastic bag as well.
  • A Dopper – this is a reusable plastic bottle and I’ve had it for two years now and I always take it with me when I leave the house.

What should I have taken with me as well?

  • A breadbag – we often bought some bread to eat for lunch, with nothing on it or I bought for example some hummous as well to dip the bread in. But I had not taken a breadbag with me, so we had to use plastic bags. I did try to reuse them, but I just should have taken a breadbag with me.
  • A mason jar from which you can drink.

What could I have done better as well?

  • Do more research where you can buy groceries more package free.
  • Buy oranges or grapefruits and squeeze the juice in the mason jar instead of buying plastic bottles with fruitjuice.

I have learnt and next time I will do better! I did save a lot of plastic by not buying coffee in take-away cups and by bringing my own groceries bag.

Have you got any suggestions for travelling zero-waste?


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