Hotspot Amsterdam – Vegan Junk Food Bar.

If you ever are in Amsterdam and are either vegan or not… please check out this place. This was the best lunch I ever had! 

vegan-junk-food-barA few days ago, I went with two good friends to Amsterdam and we had lunch at this place. We all choose a burger and shared a “loaded VJFB”, which was fries and shoarma and other delicious things, and “mediterranean cheese spring rolls”. A picture is included in this blogpost. It was AWESOME.

You have to order at the counter and then they will bring the food. There are a lot of options: burgers, sandwiches, sides, fries and even icecream!

The burgers were extremely good. Lots of toppings, very good bread and a delicious (house)sauce. The “loaded VJFB” was very good as well. It is a kind of “kapsalon”, this is a dish in the Netherlands which contains fries, salad, onions, chicken or lamb, and cheese. I have made it several times at home, but then of course vegan, and I love making & eating it. I never ate a vegan one outside my house, so I loved that they had this dish here! The spring rolls were very, very good as well. You could dip it in a very spicy sauce and the insides of the spring rolls tasted like goat cheese we thought!

This week I’ll be going to Amsterdam with my mother to check out several vegan hotspots in the city, but for lunch we will probably go here!

The prices are quite alright: my burger was around 8/9 euros and the “loaded VJFB” was in the same pricerange. The sides are I believe around 5 euros.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

1 location in Amsterdam

Rating: 5/5



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