Hotspots Rotterdam: Heavenly Cupcakes & Sugo.

Last week, I went with my mother to Rotterdam. We had a lovely day including delicious vegan food! 

First of all, we rented two bikes. Usually we use public transportations in cities, or we walk, but now we decided to rent bikes and that was a great idea. We saw so much more of the city and we excercised as well!

Photo by Thea Tetteroo.

Our first stop was Heavenly Cupcakes. This is a vegan pastries shop and they sell the most delicious cakes and cupcakes. I chose the Rocky Road pie (top right) and my mother chose the Red Velvet (bottem left). We both enjoyed the cakes very much and we really want to go back!

Photo by Thea Tetteroo.

They also sell some vegan products, such as pizzas and cheesecakes from Daiya, cheese from Violife and some products of oatly.

After this and extensively discussing my mother’s creation, we cycled to Sugo. Here we had a lovely lunch. This is a pizza place and not all vegan, they only have two vegan options. We both chose the same one: a pizza with kalamata olives, mushrooms, basil and sundried tomatoes, and this one is extremely good. So, while the choices are limited, it is still worth it to go there, because this one is delicious.

Photo by Thea Tetteroo.

All in all, we had a lovely day. We cycled through half of Rotterdam and ate great food.

Heavenly Cupcakes

1 location in Rotterdam

Rating: 4/5


2 locations in Rotterdam

1 location in Amsterdam

Rating: 3/5


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