Documentaries I’ve watched.

Here a list of documentaries I’ve watched the last couple of months. 

Since a few months we have Netflix and I watched a lot of documentaries since we’ve got it!

The first one I watched was Minimalism. I had heard of the concept minimalism before and I was so excited there was a documentary about it. I watched a part and decided to restart it and watch it with my mother. We were both very inspired by it.

The second one was The True Cost. This was a very impressive documentary and because of it I decided to think better about the clothes I buy.

Then some Food documentaries followed:

  • Foodchoices
  • Forks over Knifes
  • Cowspiracy
  • Live and Let Live
  • What the Health

Foodchoices and Forks over Knifes are both really about why vegan is better for your health. Both documentaries were pretty good and I learnt a lot from them.

Cowspiracy is mostly about why you should eat vegan because of the environment. I thought it was a really good documentary. There were some parts about why vegan is also better for the animals as well.

Live and Let Live is why because of animal suffering you should eat vegan. Well, not why you “should” eat vegan, but they show you much information why the lives of animals is horrible and eating vegan is the best solution for sparing the animals. This documentary spoke most to me about veganism, because I am vegan because of the animals. Second place is for me environment and third is health (just so you know).

What the Health is by the same maker of Cowspiracy and focuses mostly on health. It was a very interesting documentary.

Have you watched any documentaries from which you think more people should them? Share it in the comments down below! 


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