Brands I like.

Since I’ve watched The True Cost on Netflix I’ve decided I don’t want to buy stuff anymore that is not fair-trade and is not made while thinking about the Earth and her future. The last few years I’ve already been thinking about this and tried to do this, but now I’ve decided it for real. Here are a couple of brands I like and am planning to buy more from in the future. 

I have bought one bag by them and I love it. A blogpost about this bag will come online soon!

This brand was first called Geitenwollenshirts and a few years ago I bought a sweater and the quality is really good, because it still looks good and I still wear it!

I haven’t got a pair from this brand, but I really want a pair. However, I am not in need of new shoes at the moment and in the mind of Minimalism, I am not buying a pair. But, when a pair of mine is not good anymore, this is the brand I will go to!

If you are in Amsterdam, please check out Vega-life! This is a vegan shop, that sells Vegetarian shoes, vegan clothing, vegan bags, a few vegan food products and some vegan beauty products! I bought a tote bag there, which is so very cute that my heart melted:



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