New bag: Matt&Nat.

I bought a new bag! It is from the vegan brand Matt&Nat. Let me show you!

This month I have bought three new bags. I am not proud of it, but I am very happy with them. I had a few bags, but I was not happy with them and they became a bit old. So, I have invested in 2 new bags and 1 new tote bag. All are good quality and I am intending to use them for a long time. And yes: I am not allowed to buy anymore bags, but I don’t want to either, because I am very happy with them!

Here is my new beautiful bag!

Photo by Thea Tetteroo.


Photo by Thea Tetteroo.

It is a small bag by Matt&Nat. This bag is made from 100% recycled plastic bags.

Usually, I am not into the small bags, but let me tell you why I bought this.

When I was travelling through Europe, I had a small belt bag, which I had to carry my most important cards and my interrail card. I wore this under my clothes, in this way it was the most safe. However, it was not the most practical. I like to wear dresses and then you have to pull up your whole dress to reach for your credit card. Not very charming. However, it worked.

Anyway, after my journey I thought: this should change. I decided to buy a small bag, that I could have around me, reach easy, but was more practical. And here you go.

This bag by Matt&Nat is very, very small. Not a lot fits in it, but I don’t need to put much in it. I can use this one if I have to go somewhere and don’t need anything with me. I can use it on formal occasions. But, most importantly: I can use it while travelling.

The bag has two compartments: one with a zipper and one with a flap. Next week I will be going to London for a short time and I am going to take two backpacks and a weekendbag with me (I don’t need that much stuff, but I can leave stuff with my sister, because in September I am going to study in England for a year). However, I will also use this small bag, for my mobile phone, my ticket and my ID-card and some other important cards. In this way, I don’t need to open my backpack and search for it all, but while I still wear all these bags around my body, I can easily reach for my ticket and ID.

So, I think this bag is worth it. The brand is a little expensive, but sometimes they have a sale and I made use of that. The price, however, is worth it, even if it is not on sale. No animals were hurt, the quality is, I believe, very good, and the bags are beautiful. I would love to own more products by them. I have my eye on a beautiful sunglasses case, for example, but for now I’ve bought enough ;)!


Opia Oak Handbag

Happiness rating: 5/5




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