Hotspots Amsterdam: Vega-Life, Dophert, vanLeeuwen and Vegabond!

A little time ago I went with my mother to Amsterdam. We visited two vegan shops, one restaurant and one icecream place!

It was a very, very warm day and we walked everywhere in Amsterdam, it was a challenge. However, we had a lovely day! Let me tell you about it!

We first went to Vega-Life. This is a vegan shop: everything they sell is truly vegan. How great is that?! They sell shoes by the brand Vegetarian Shoes, they sell other clothing, bags, they sell beauty products and a few food products. It is a small store, but it is great. I bought a tote bag there, we bought a vegan toothpaste and my mother bought a vegan belt!

After this, we were quite hungry. So we went to Dophert!

Dophert is a nice place to eat lunch, eat some cake or eat dinner. We ate lunch and as dessert we shared a delicious piece of cake.

Photo by Thea Tetteroo.
Photo by Thea Tetteroo.

When we were completely full, we walked back to the city centre to visit Vegabond, a little vegan supermarket. But before we went there, we visited vanLeeuwen. This is a vegan icecream place and its icecream is delicious!


I chose a flavour with jam, granola and vanille in it. It didn’t taste any different than normal icecream, except that it was 100 times more delicious!

Then we went to Vegabond! Here we bought a few vegan products: mozzerella cheese by Green Vie. This one is delicious! We made a sandwich with it, including some sausages and guacamole and it was great. We also used it on just one sandwich in the oven, nothing extra on it and it was very good as well. Another product we bought was vegan mayonnaise. Also very, very nice. We bought some hummus chips, vegan sausages and a kind of coaster that helps you make sushirolls.

It was a great day and I loved the places we visited!


1 location in Amsterdam

Rating: 5/5


1 location in Amsterdam

Rating: 4/5


1 location in Amsterdam

More locations in America

Rating: 5/5


1 location in Amsterdam

Rating: 4/5


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