Zero-waste tips for your daily life #1. 

Let me share some tips to make your daily life more zero-waste! 

1. Carry a tote bag in your normal bag at all times

Even when you don’t plan to buy something, it might happen. You might remember to buy this or that and how handy is it then that you’ve got your own bag with you. In this ware you save a lot of plastic!

2. Buy take-away? Bring your own cup/box

When you want to take-away a coffee, just bring your own cup and ask them to put your beverage in there. And when you want to buy a piece of cake, just ask it to be put in your own box: in this way you’ll save a ton of paper or plastic bags/boxes.

3. Buy different beautyproducts

For example, Lush has shampoobars, you can buy these with a little box and you’ll have a shampoo with no plastic. Plus side: if you travel by plane, your shampoo does not belong to your liquide, as it is a solid bar.

Also, your mascara is most of the time in a plastic package. There are mascaras that have a tube made of bamboo for example, this is also more zero-waste.

4. Buy fruit/vegetables differently

Choose the apples/oranges/etc that are not in a plastic bag already. Take your own vegetables bags and put them in there. Or if you buy one u cucumber, just put it in your basket without putting it in a plastic bag. You could also go to local vegetables shops, these have their products often less packaged.

5. Don’t buy any drinks in the supermarket/take-away anymore

Make your own drinks and take them in your own reusable cups/bottles/mason jars. Just don’t buy those plastic coca cola bottles, those plastic sugary drinks anymore, water is better anyway ;).

These were some tips to make your life more zero-waste! Have you got any tips of your own?


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