About me

Hello! My name is Barbara Lantern. This is my personal website. Here I will update you on my journey through life. I will write about the things that interest me: writing, minimalism, travelling, veganism, ecological stuff and more. Currently I’m studying English in Amsterdam and after the summer I will be studying in England for a year.

Some more info about me: since I was little I’ve loved to read, I’ve loved to create stories and I’ve loved to listen to stories (often told by my sister who is great at creating a story).

If you’re wondering why I call myself Barbara Lantern: if you’ve read the book The Great Gatsby you’ve come across a green lantern in the story. I liked that a lot. Another reason is: in this world where so much bad things are happening, I hope to provide with my blog a little bit of extra positive light in your life: I hope I can be a lantern for you :).

I also have a bookblog :).

If you would like to contact me, my e-mailadres is: barbarastudyingbooks@gmail.com


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