Vegan Update #1.

For almost two months I’ve been eating vegan and I thought let’s post an update about my journey to veganism and how it is going.  Continue reading “Vegan Update #1.”


Hotspots Amsterdam: Vega-Life, Dophert, vanLeeuwen and Vegabond!

A little time ago I went with my mother to Amsterdam. We visited two vegan shops, one restaurant and one icecream place! Continue reading “Hotspots Amsterdam: Vega-Life, Dophert, vanLeeuwen and Vegabond!”

New bag: Matt&Nat.

I bought a new bag! It is from the vegan brand Matt&Nat. Let me show you! Continue reading “New bag: Matt&Nat.”


Documentaries I’ve watched.

Here a list of documentaries I’ve watched the last couple of months.  Continue reading “Documentaries I’ve watched.”


August: Minimalist Month.

This month has the theme of ‘minimalism’. Let me tell you what I’m going to do differently this month.  Continue reading “August: Minimalist Month.”


Favourite things I did in May 2017!

Hello dear people, I scrolled through my earlier blogposts and I saw one called: Favourite Things I Did In May!, so I thought: 2 years later, let’s do the same. So, hereby, my favourite things I did last month :).  Continue reading “Favourite things I did in May 2017!”


A New Lay-Out!

Hello everyone! Hereby I just wanted to tell you, as you may have seen, that I have a new lay-out! I thought it was time for a little change. This blog has a wider purpose now (I’m including posts about veganism/minimalism/living greener) and therefore I liked a change in lay-out! I hope you enjoy my blog and if you have got any remarks/tips/etc then please tell me :)!