Zero-waste tips for your daily life #1. 

Let me share some tips to make your daily life more zero-waste!  Continue reading “Zero-waste tips for your daily life #1. “


Green Tip #1. 

I always try to find a way to live my life greener. In everyday things like showering and in not-everyday-things like travelling. I have a tip for you when you shower. To make it more green!

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Recipe: Vegan Tzakiki.

I love sour cream and tzakiki. And now that I’m vegan, I am trying to find something similar. I tried making sour cream with silken tofu, but it was no success. Then I tried making tzakiki: and it worked! I like this one better than the non-vegan tzakiki! Let me tell you what I did.  Continue reading “Recipe: Vegan Tzakiki.”

Tips for a more zero-waste holiday.

Travelling zero-waste is not extremely more difficult, the thing is: you need to plan ahead and take some stuff with you. I travelled for 9 days around Europe and I should have planned this a little better, so learn from my mistakes!  Continue reading “Tips for a more zero-waste holiday.”