Documentaries I’ve watched.

Here a list of documentaries I’ve watched the last couple of months.  Continue reading “Documentaries I’ve watched.”


Favourite things I did in May 2017!

Hello dear people, I scrolled through my earlier blogposts and I saw one called: Favourite Things I Did In May!, so I thought: 2 years later, let’s do the same. So, hereby, my favourite things I did last month :).  Continue reading “Favourite things I did in May 2017!”

Do more of what makes you happy.

What really inspired me of that thing called minimalism is to get rid of your stuff to make room for what makes you happy. And I do believe that getting rid of junk is going to resonate in more aspects of my life. Getting rid of negative things, energy vampires etc and to make room of what makes me happy.  Continue reading “Do more of what makes you happy.”

Second-hand shop

Hello dear readers,

Today I went to a second-hand shop and together with my parents we donated 5 boxes of stuff! Mostly books: there was a full box from me, lots of children books, but also English & Dutch books, and my parents also gave away a lot of books. In the boxes were also DVDS/CDs/PC games we never watch/listen to/play anymore. And it is all such a relief!

I divided my last box with books into two boxes, well, I had to because it just didn’t fit in one box. And these are my prettiest English & Dutch books. These I will bring to a second-hand bookstore and hopefully they want to buy them from me.

After the summer I’m going to England and during the summer I’m going on holiday with a friend (we want to visit among others Budapest & Paris) and I can use a little money for that!

Now I’m decluttering so much I don’t feel the need to buy stuff anymore. I always wanted to buy books. More more more more books. But now I have gotten rid of so many already, I feel so much better and lighter! Everyday I saw all those books and it made me feel guilty & a slow reader. Now I look at my shelves and see mostly the books I love or the books I still really want to read. Some books I want to get rid of too, but I don’t because they may come in handy for my uni. So those books I am allowed to keep and after uni I will donate or sell them.

My bookshelves look soooo much calmer and lovelier, I’m really happy with it. Next week I will go to the second-hand bookshop and then my room is without boxes and with a lot less books!

How do you feel about decluttering?



Let me tell you what my life currently looks like:

  • At the end of the second year of my English degree.
  • This summer I’m going on interrail with a friend
  • After this summer I will study for a year in England

I also started with my project Minimalism. I have 2 boxes full of books I do not feel I want anymore in my life. I have deleted so much junk from my room (most of my stuff will go to a second-handshop – recycling is cool). And I feel so much lighter! Stuff IS weighing people down, I certainly believe that.

Tedtalks about minimalism and other inspiring subjects are now on my to-watch list. I have watched several now and they inspire me. I don’t want to give in to comsumerism, I don’t want to buy stuff I don’t need.

Clothes for example. I kept clothes because I had bought them. Not that I loved them. I am not going to buy clothes anymore if I’m uncertain if I like them. Quality over quantity is another saying I have now very high on my quotes-list.

Technology: to be very honest, I’m sick of technology. I am sick of internet. I have done the following things: unsubscribed from almost every newsletter I could think of that I received. Notification e-mails from facebook I turned off. I unfollowed practically everything on facebook, therefore it is not that entertaining anymore, so I hope I won’t look on it so much. I don’t want to use mobile internet anymore unless I’m on WiFi. I don’t want to be constantly online. I don’t want others to be able to reach me at any given time.

Well, that was it for today. If you have any recommendations for tedtalks, interesting websites/blogs about the topics I discussed in this blogpost: they are very welcome!

Just to stay friends: if you think differently: That Is Totally Fine! This is JUST the way how I feel :).