Vegan Update #1.

For almost two months I’ve been eating vegan and I thought let’s post an update about my journey to veganism and how it is going.  Continue reading “Vegan Update #1.”


Brands I like.

Since I’ve watched The True Cost on Netflix I’ve decided I don’t want to buy stuff anymore that is not fair-trade and is not made while thinking about the Earth and her future. The last few years I’ve already been thinking about this and tried to do this, but now I’ve decided it for real. Here are a couple of brands I like and am planning to buy more from in the future.  Continue reading “Brands I like.”

Do more of what makes you happy.

What really inspired me of that thing called minimalism is to get rid of your stuff to make room for what makes you happy. And I do believe that getting rid of junk is going to resonate in more aspects of my life. Getting rid of negative things, energy vampires etc and to make room of what makes me happy.  Continue reading “Do more of what makes you happy.”


I watched a little piece of the documentary “Minimalism” on Netflix. And I got immediately inspired. For the past year, I already got inspired about living more minimalistic and a few weeks ago I finally took real action. I cleaned up my room and I feel already so much better. I threw a lot of junk out and things I didn’t feel happy about anymore. And this little part of the documentary inspired me even more.

Not only having less stuff, also living smaller is now going through my head. I heard some time ago about “tiny houses” and I want to live in there so badly now! It would be so great and also hard, but also great, to live so small.

So, I just wanted to share this. Have a nice day!