Tips for a more zero-waste holiday.

Travelling zero-waste is not extremely more difficult, the thing is: you need to plan ahead and take some stuff with you. I travelled for 9 days around Europe and I should have planned this a little better, so learn from my mistakes!  Continue reading “Tips for a more zero-waste holiday.”


Vegan on Holiday.

Last week I was travelling through Europe with a friend. We had a great time, we saw so many beautiful things and had great experiences. A week before going I decided to become a vegan, so I was hoping that it would turn out fine on holiday. And it did :). Let me tell you what I ate on holiday!  Continue reading “Vegan on Holiday.”



Let me tell you what my life currently looks like:

  • At the end of the second year of my English degree.
  • This summer I’m going on interrail with a friend
  • After this summer I will study for a year in England

I also started with my project Minimalism. I have 2 boxes full of books I do not feel I want anymore in my life. I have deleted so much junk from my room (most of my stuff will go to a second-handshop – recycling is cool). And I feel so much lighter! Stuff IS weighing people down, I certainly believe that.

Tedtalks about minimalism and other inspiring subjects are now on my to-watch list. I have watched several now and they inspire me. I don’t want to give in to comsumerism, I don’t want to buy stuff I don’t need.

Clothes for example. I kept clothes because I had bought them. Not that I loved them. I am not going to buy clothes anymore if I’m uncertain if I like them. Quality over quantity is another saying I have now very high on my quotes-list.

Technology: to be very honest, I’m sick of technology. I am sick of internet. I have done the following things: unsubscribed from almost every newsletter I could think of that I received. Notification e-mails from facebook I turned off. I unfollowed practically everything on facebook, therefore it is not that entertaining anymore, so I hope I won’t look on it so much. I don’t want to use mobile internet anymore unless I’m on WiFi. I don’t want to be constantly online. I don’t want others to be able to reach me at any given time.

Well, that was it for today. If you have any recommendations for tedtalks, interesting websites/blogs about the topics I discussed in this blogpost: they are very welcome!

Just to stay friends: if you think differently: That Is Totally Fine! This is JUST the way how I feel :).